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The purpose of the quartz boat

Quartz boat is mainly used for electric light source, semiconductor, optical technology, etc.
New type of light source: do high pressure mercury lamp, long arc xenon lamp, halogen lamp, thallium iodide light, infrared light and germicidal lamp, etc.
Semiconductor: is semiconductor materials and devices are indispensable in the process of production materials, such as grow germanium, number of crucible, boat furnace core pipe and clock cover, etc.
In the field of new technology: with its excellent performance, sound, light, electricity do the ultrasonic delay line on the radar, infrared tracking direction finding, the infrared camera, a newsletter, prism spectrograph, spectrophotometer, reflect a window, lens, large telescopes in high temperature operation window, reactor, radioactive device; Rocket, missile nose cone, nozzle and radome: insulation parts, satellite radio radiation; Thermobalance, vacuum adsorption device, precision casting, etc.
Quartz boat is also used in: chemical, metallurgical, electrical, scientific research, etc
Can be done in the chemical industry: the high temperature acid gas combustion, cooling and ventilation, the evaporation of acidic solution, cooling the receiving, storage devices, distilled water, the preparation of hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and other products and other physical and chemical experiments. In high temperature industry: can be used as optical glass, crucible into fluorescent body polite, electric furnace core tube, gas combustion radiator, : in terms of optical quartz glass, quartz glass wool as a rocket nozzle, spacecraft heat shield and the observation window and so on, all in all, with the development of modern science and technology, quartz glass get more extensive application in all fields.