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What is a quartz boat

Quartz boat and quartz glass, quartz glass is containing silica material, such as crystal, silica. Based on the four high temperature melted from silicon oxide as raw materials. The silica content is much higher than common glass, quartz glass silica content in 99.999% in general. Quartz glass has excellent optical performance, not only visible light transmittance is particularly good, and through ultraviolet and infrared light.
Quartz glass is good acid material, except hydrofluoric acid and over 300 degrees hot phosphoric acid, under the high temperature, its ability of sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and aqua regia, neutral salt, carbon and sulfur erosion, such as its chemical stability is equivalent to 30 times of acid-resistant ceramics, equivalent to 150 times that of the nickel chromium alloy and ceramic, it is high temperature resistant, heat resistant, thermal expansion coefficient is very small.
Quartz glass excellent electrical properties, at room temperature, its resistance equal to 10 times the ordinary glass, on the entire range of frequency dielectric loss is very small, insulating compression strength.
Quartz glass also has the cosmic radiation resistant, and not through the nature of the nuclear fission products.